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Top tips for commitment woes

With the wedding season now in full swing, many people in Nottinghamshire will be contemplating whether it is time to take their own relationship to the next level.  Whether this means tying the knot, moving in together or simply choosing not to date other people, it all comes down to one three syllable word: commitment…. Read more »

Mindfulness – Press Release

Relate Nottinghamshire follows in celeb footsteps with tips for bringing mindfulness to your relationship and sex life Mindfulness is having a well-deserved moment in the media spotlight with celebrities such as Emma Watson, Goldie Hawn and Gwyneth Paltrow swearing by it.  The seemingly simple act of paying more attention to the present moment has been… Read more »

Summer is coming – Press release

So what does that mean for relationships?… happy families by the pool in sunny parts, or more adventurous locations, climbing mountains, diving, hiking, etc. Hopefully couples and families enjoy this time, but unfortunately sometimes it brings hidden or ignored stress to the surface. Just spending 24 hours a day with your partner is a big… Read more »

One in every four deaths among men aged 20-34 in the UK are suicides.

Stephen Fry and Professor Green are among several others who have joined a powerful new campaign to encourage men to talk about mental health, says the Independent:

Parenting Troubled Teens

As parents of troubled teens it’s logical that we try to look for a reason why this has happened in our family. Why us? Why me? Understandably, you may look for someone or something to blame; whose fault is it? Maybe you blame yourself, your partner, your teenager or their friends? Blaming yourself or others… Read more »