Help with family life and parenting

The relationships you have with your family have a big impact on how happy you are.

If you’re having problems in your family life, there are lots of ways Relate can help you. You might be a parent who needs help with how a break up might affect your family, or need help relating to your children or step-children. You might be a young person worried about your parents splitting up, or need a bit of help dealing with your parents. You might need help in your relationships with your brothers and sisters.

Every family is different and there are many reasons for wanting to improve your family relationships.  Families can be a source of support, encouragement and love but sometimes relationships within families are put under strain and family members feel isolated or overlooked.

Every family member can expect to have a voice and be heard within family counselling. Our counsellors are experienced relationship experts that are specially trained to help everyone have a say in how they are feeling and then to work out their differences.


Who is it for?

You can see a Relate Family Counsellor individually, as a small group or the whole family together.

We won’t take sides or tell you what to do, we will encourage each family member to have a voice and help you resolve your differences together.

Together with your family counsellor, you will decide which family members will come to the sessions and how frequently you want to come. The choice will depend on what needs to be talked about and who it affects most.

For more information call us on 01159 584278 or email us.


“Would recommend to anybody in step-family situation, our counsellor was kind, caring and sympathetic and really seemed to understand our issues – she was able to offer practical, realistic solutions.  We are a much stronger couple as a result, with a happier family.  Thank you.”

“Relate has really helped me, my family and my relationship.  Happy with the outcome and the progress that we have made.”

“Wonderful to speak to someone who was there to listen, make suggestions and provoke thought, but who never advised or judged. Thank you.”