When you first arrive you will be asked to fill out some forms in order to help the counsellor understand more about your situation and record your on-going progress. These forms are confidential and will not be shown to your partner. If you are unsure about how Relate will use any of the information held about you, please ask your counsellor or a member of staff.

At your first session a trained counsellor will ask you questions so that you can talk about what’s going on and how you feel.  If you come with a partner or other family member, the counsellor may spend longer and sometimes will see you individually as well as together.  Each session usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour.

You and your counsellor will discuss how Relate might be able to help and, if appropriate, your counsellor will recommend a Relate counselling service, Relate Sex therapy or another Relate service. For some people this consultation may be of sufficient help to resolve their problem.  If your counsellor doesn’t think we are best placed to help, they may suggest another organisation.

However you experience relationship counselling, you can feel reassured that it’s confidential and non-judgemental.

How can Relationship Counselling help me?

It really depends what you want to get out of it, but it’s rare that you will leave Relate without feeling a positive change.

For some people, we transform their relationships and their lives; for others we help them solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence and less anxiety.  Even if things don’t change, counselling may help you to see things in a different way or make the decision that’s right for you to move forward. Just talking to someone who isn’t involved in the relationship can help you.

For further information about arranging a first appointment please contact us.


“From the first contact I had with Relate everyone has been exceptionally understanding & helpful in all areas.  I would definitely use the service again & recommend it to others.  My counsellor has been amazing with me.  Thank you all.”

“I honestly think everything was perfect. Our counsellor was very understanding and supportive throughout. I am very grateful for everything Relate has done. I now feel as though I’m able to face the world again. Thank you very much.”

“I felt relaxed enough to be able to speak freely without having to worry about what I was saying.  The atmosphere was very positive during the session and I felt comfortable speaking with the counsellor.”